Supply Chain

Let's Talk-Live

Bringing Industry Peers together to engage, learn and share Best Practices and Approaches


Your Annual Membership includes a seat at both the spring and fall meetings, group-directed agendas based on Member Topic Requests, open discussion forums, voluntary member presentations, comprehensive meeting notes for each session (whether in attendance or not), e-survey results for member inquiries between meetings, insightful benchmarks across group members, exchange of resources and systems utilized, group discussions about best practices, approaches, challenges and more, one on one Member Connect opportunities and so much more!


Twice per year meetings are conducted. Each are a unique opportunity to meet with your industry peers to discuss challenges, best practices, lessons learned, approaches, resources and much more.

These are community-oriented sessions featuring great engagement designed to help the participants to grow, share and learn together.


The twice per year meetings generate extensive discussions, which result in robust and comprehensive Notes.  These are filled with Benchmarks, Input, Referrals and more to ensure ongoing reference to the most important takeaways.


Member driven e-Surveys that are an expeditious method for providing timely responses and input from the member community specific to spontaneous needs.,  The Surveys are just another facet that fosters the connectivity of our Groups.


Direct access to a collection of industry leaders, who possess vast experience and learnings within the CPG universe.  This becomes a valuable and powerful network where the benefits of interacting are endless.


Periodic online sessions that present our members with a chance to hear more about other supportive service organizations that may be valuable outside resources.  These speaking engagements are positioned under our “Let’s Talk – Capabilities” format.


See below for all upcoming Supply Chain Share Group events.


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ANTI-TRUST STATEMENT: CMS Share Group’s Anti-Trust Approach precludes discussion of Price, Promotion, Terms and Policies as they relate to specific customers and the marketplace. Members and participants are expected to abide by these guidlines during any Share Group related activities. Please consult legal counsel if you have any questions or concerns.